Roll the List #28: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 under the radar miniseries or short run shows

10th Kingdom– I just watched this for the first time. To be honest I only watched half of it, but it definitely was spanning lots of characters and worlds all based in all the fairy tales and old stories we have all heard and puts them into a new light. It is kind of like a precursor to Once Upon a  Time. The best part is that it was done in the early 90’s, so we are privy to lots of stuff that is now no longer acceptable on television. For example, at the beginning of the series, “Bending over and taking it from behind” is uttered. Classic 90’s lack of sensitivity, makes you…*tears up* nostalgic.

Earthsea– This show is great! It was one of the first mini-series I ever purchased. The way magic works in the world is very unique. I respect new takes on magic and how the effect can mess a person up. Stories like The Kingkiller Chronicles, The Sword of Truth, and even Warhammer Fantasy, for all mages must consider the price they must pay for magical skills. This adds something for me that makes magic fun and dangerous. In earth sea you have to learn the real name of something to control it. A great philosophical concept turned into an awesome fantasy premise.

Black Mirror – This show has some of the coolest set ups for stories I have seen on any show that comment on technology, society and Sci-Fi. I mean even the name Black Mirror, is also another term for a TV that is turned off. This is awesome just in itself, due to the interesting philosophical concept present in what the black mirror actually is vs what we see in it. The show takes things we see everyday and pokes and prods and makes us ask questions about who we are in light of the new era we live in. Definitely check this show out.

The Lost Room– I really like this series because to me it feels like a spiritual precursor to Warehouse 13, one of my favorite shows.

Dinotopia – It has been forever since I have even seen this series. I could not tell you what the plot was even about to be quite frank. However, what I can tell you is that this show is super freaking awesome. Dinosaurs that are integrated into society and can talk!?! Sign me up for that trip, whatever drug I gotta take, let’s do it! I always wanted to be a pterodactyl pilot. That sounds so cool. The best kind of mix of fantasy, technology and science I have ever experienced. It was so long ago, perhaps I should go back and check it out and see if it stands up… NAH I am just gonna put it at one because dinosaurs!!


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