Roll the List #24: Kyle’s Take

Roll the List #24: Top 10 Best Party Songs and Artists

This week we are thinking about party music. I looked up a picture for party music and figured out it was not what I though it was. The picture depicted a club scene and people dancing, but I have never been one for that scene.  I think as people grow up they tend to change their definition of parties. Who they are with, what they are doing, and where they are all define the context of the “party.” This list will not help you define it, it is just stuff I like, hehe.

10. Pearl JamEven Flow: This song is not really a party song but I am calling it a party song because of the ritual we have built in my lab at work. Every time we hear Eddie Vedder sing we start to sing along with him, almost instinctually.

9. LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem: If you have not danced to this song I feel like you haven’t partied since 2011. Stop what you are doing, grab a drink, get a friend, and play this song and dance!

8. CaramellCaramelltanzen: Before my crazy high school years, or rather later in them, I finally budded into the glorious nerd that I am today. Playing games and being a general weirdo to the public. This is when I found weird Japanese house techno. Most of this was from playing too much DDR in my friends basement. However Caramelltanzen is something I still bust out around the right people to this day.

7.Taylor SwiftShake It Off: Before you go smashing my integrity for liking Taylor Swift, listen to me. If you are ever having a bad day, just take a listen to this song. It always makes me smile and I know if I busted it out at a party at least 5 of the 10 people would start singing/dancing to it.

6.Ice CubeIt Was A Good Day: This is one of the songs I will listen to on a Friday in the summer on my deck drinking a beer in white suburbia. I can relate, I mean I had to sit in traffic for 45 min on the way home, and it is a good day when I didn’t have to use my AK…

5.Less than JakePlastic Cup Politics: This song really gets me going. I can go from having a shit day to wanting to get super fucking crazy with my friends just by listening to this song.

4. Falling in ReverseFuck the Rest: This song has been on many of my lists, that is because it is the best. This song, much like Shake it off, makes you feel like you are the best. It just makes you feel so fucknig pumped up, as a matter of fact, hold off on the rest of this list until you have clicked on the link above to listen to the song.

3. NOFX: These guys do some of the best punk rock. We listen to lots of NOFX when we party. While playing King’s Cup and various other drinking games. When NOFX comes on the drinking begins.

2. PsyGangnam Style/Gentleman: At least 3 of the people I usually party with know the dances to this song and play it/dance to it every time we party at their place. This is why it is number 2. Every time we end up just loving it, and that is number 2 material.

1. The Aquabats: The Aquabats will always be the best, especially for parties. I used to party a lot in high school. I don’t remember much, but I do remember The Aquabats. Dancing to Pool Party, rocking out to the Cat with Two Heads, and getting all emo to My Skateboard. These guys defined our parties.We NEVER to this day have had a party that the Aquabats did not rear their Anti-negativity Helmeted Heads. VIVA LA  AQUABATS!!!

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