Roll the List: #23 Kyle’s Take

This week Dalton and I take on a more serious topic for Roll The List. Our free for all for the most controversial movie. These movies don’t just come along all the time and make us think,”Oh man that was spicy.” I have chosen The Interview for obvious reasons. Dalton has chosen Cannibal Holocaust. Let us begin.

Let us first look at the level of controversy caused by both movies. The Interview caused political and social unrest over multiple continents with the acts of “unknown” hackers claiming to hack a multimillion dollar cooperation in response to the movie being released. This movie was so impactful on a social level before it even came out and was viewed by the public other countries and groups were reacting to it. when I looked through the news on Cannibal Holocaust, and the worst I can find is animal cruelty issues. When I looked at it further it turned out that all of the killing on screen was in line with the BBFC regulations for killing an animal on screen. Yes there is violence and yes there was a small scandal with the crew and the snuff film allegations. This all happening after the fact, in response to the film.

Secondly let’s look at the spread of the controversy. Most people who are not involved in the film someway or were or born in the 60’s have no idea what Cannibal Holocaust is (prime example being me). This movie made such a small historical impact. Many of the film’s critics say that the movie was a commentary on civilized vs uncivilized society. A comment that didn’t reach the ears of people like Eli Roth,  James Wan and many others in the film industry who have revitalized the genre that this movie started. The Interview on the other hand is in a class with very few others. I like to talk about Team America and The Interview with the same tone. Both groups of people making movies decide that controversy is not about shock value, it is about what you are commenting on. Both movies take a topic and soften it up with humor and are not afraid to deliver a full-strength wallop to the world’s controversial political figures/social injustice gut. Sorry I’m not sorry for my metaphors.

Lastly I think the resolution of the controversy is different. where Cannibal Holocaust failed is that it changed nothing. We are sitting here 30 years later and still doing the same shit that we did back then. Gore porn is not any less prevalent. This movie instead of sending a message started a genre. That is not controversy that is an origin story. We have yet to see the resolution of the controversy The Interview caused but if it is anything like how the 15+ season of South Park, we will see that same groups tackling more “Taboo” topics before I hit 30. That is 2 years for you at home counting.

So where do I leave you now after the dust has settled? We may never know but lemme tell you this, you don’t ever need to waste your time watching Cannibal Holocaust. It is a weak made movie and the message isn’t worth the hour and a half run time. Watch The Interview because at least then you will be laughing at a controversial topic instead of just being angry with your self for watching a movie that even MST3K won’t touch.


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