Roll the List 16: Kyle’s Take

This is a long time coming and I am sorry. Dalton and I have been so bad about updating the site lately. This week we will viciously fight over which Netflix movie is the most controversial. I have choosen Teeth, a coming of age movie about a girl who figures out just what girl power means. Dalton choose Red State, a movie about teenagers infiltrating a religious cult’s compound, with …mixed results.

There are three main reason why Teeth is far more controversial than Red State . The first reason is very simple. Teeth is about a females re reproductive organs. I personally hate that this makes this movie controversial, but nonetheless, having a movie about (SPOILERS) a vagina that rips men’s genitals off is about as controversial and taboo as the vagina gets. Most of society thinks that  females genitals are taboo, much more so then a penis, and this is the main factor that makes it more controversial than Red State. 

The second aspect of the film I think is more controversial is the incest oriented characters. Perhaps I am one of the few people left in the U.S.A. that thinks it is bad for the gene pool to have sex with your family but apparently everyone in the main characters family is all about getting up into her vagina. Incest is controversial, enough said.

The final reason this movie is controversial is the stereotypes it perpetuates. I’ll list a few so you can get a better idea of what I mean:

-All people in abstinence clubs are not abstinence.

-No man can ever just love you for you, he is in it for the pussy.

-Your family will probably try to rape you, especially if you are practicing abstinence.

These are just a few of the ideas (??) explored in the film. As far as I am concerned none of these things are true and that makes it feel controversial to me.

Red State is a great film. It deals with the idea of what happens on the inside of a cult. The theme is great and the movie is exciting. However, I fail to see how the move is controversial. It seems pointed at best and it is speaking to a topic that is no longer all that prevalent in society as far as media is concerned. A woman’s reproductive organs are way more controversial than a secret religious cult.

Let me know what you think everyone, I am out!

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