Roll the List 15: Kyle’s Take

Top 10 Worst Fantasy Video Games

This is out first top ten list in while and I will only be delving into each of the selection a bit. Dalton and I are both going to have controversial lists. Here they are in no particular order.

-Dragon Age 2: Remember in the first Dragon Age where you had to think about how you went into battle, because if you did not you died a few times on the first troll? How rewarding it was when you got past it and understood that not everything in the game can be done by running in and swinging your big ol’ sword around? The second one got rid of that and turned it into a console-friendly hack and slash, which killed any interest I had in the franchise.

-Ninety-Nine Knights: This game was supposed to be a medieval version of Dynasty Warriors. What it turned out to be was a medieval version of Dynasty Warriors. turns out the theme doesn’t translate well.

-Forge: Imagine a shitty 3rd person Unreal Tournament, with out any guns. That is what I thought too!

-Darksiders: I dislike the premise of this game. the Four Horsemen are forces of the universe. Personifying them was very stupid.  Also it seemed very much like a ripoff of God of War, like a blatant rip off.

-Final Fantasy 8: Gunblades and high schoolers. That is all I am going to say.

-Ogre Battle 64: Game looked amazing and seem to mirror Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favorite games ever. However this game has no info in the booklet, no tutorial, and was impossible for me to learn. I learned a lot about how to not buy a game off the screenshots from this game.

-The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hour Glass:  I always enjoy the games in this franchise. One of the more challenging aspects of these games is when something is timed. It always adds a very intense feeling to any challenge in a dungeon. However, this game took it farther and made entire dungeons timed. Not that crazy, it happens, right? Where this fails is where this dungeon has to be played multiple times and stops game progress when you cannot beat it.

– Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titian: This game is the epitome of grinding and not telling you how the game works. I very much liked this game at first until i realized I would have to play it for 10,000 years to get anywhere. This game just barely beat Monster Hunter, only because the items, weapons, and armor in Monster Hunter are better looking.

-The Witcher: The reason this game is on the list is because it has some of the worst controls and tutorials in any game ever. A guide in how not to do controls in a game.

-Superman: The New Adventures: This game is kind of a shoe-in, it has pretty much been nominated as the worst game ever by many different groups. This is my go-to worst game ever when asked, so I put it on this list.


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