En-gage: to carry life (v.)

Birth-days (n.). We all have them. When we’re little we invited our entire class to share cake with us. We can’t wait until we can open the presents. As we get older, some people refuse to admit that they have a birth-day. When asked how old they are, they stick with 25.

I, on the other hand, love birth-days (n.): the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts; the anniversary of something starting or being founded.

The verb birth (to carry; to bear children) and the noun day (lifetime) are combined in my mind–a verb meaning to carry life.

I continue to love birth-days. Whether it’s my day, a friends’, or my blog’s, these anniversaries are worth celebrating.

I believe we should all celebrate birth-day month.

This does not mean I expect presents all month; this does not mean I expect everyone to celebrate with me all month. Birth-day month is more about me, taking care of me.

Birth-day month (n.): occurs for the entire month in which you were born; for the month, you celebrate yourself; watch your favorite movies; take the time to enjoy the little things (i.e. sitting around all day in a bookstore, smelling the pages of fresh text); treat yo’ self.

Phrase frequently used the months leading up to and during birth-day month: For birth-day month, I’m going to __________.

Fill in the blank;

learn how to decorate cakes with homemade fondant

read that book that’s been sitting on my shelf since last Christmas

take a cooking class

learn some knife skills so I don’t chop off my fingers

sleep in on Saturdays

take a walk in the park

get lost in the stacks at libraries and all of the Tattered Cover locations.

What makes birth-day month different from every day?

Recognition. The recognition that you are taking the time you need for you.

Em-brace your favorite activities and acknowledge that you are human; you exist; you deserve to take the time to “you.”

Sure, we should be doing this every month, if not every day, but that’s not always reality. We work late; we have responsibilities; often, we forget that we need to human.

So take birth-day month.

Em-brace it. You deserve to acknowledge your/you’re human.

This PSA for birth-day month is brought to you by the month of October in which Ashley Margaret celebrates the birth-day month of Sylvia Plath.

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