Con Talk: Denver Comic Con Day 3 – The Cool Down

Denver Comic Con Day 3

The Cool Down

The last day of con can be a very hectic experince for some people. Trying to grab last minute deals on expo floor, snagging the last pictures of great cosplay, and catching up on panels they may have missed because there is a new second show time. Today as I sat down for my last few panels, I had just as much excitement as I did the first day, But don’t let me bore you with my rambling about the final day of con, instead let’s talk about the two awesome panels I went to today.

Justice Leauge Reunited

This panel was such a fantastic change from what I have seen the last few years. The majority of the voice actors from the Justice Leauge television show came on stage and suprised us with a reading of an episode! The episode was called Starcrossed (the final few episodes of the original series) . They managed to get through the first two epsiodes and finished by skipping to the final few minutes of the episode which closed the season. I have never seen such a cohesive crew of people do somethnig so amazing. If you have an hour I cannot urge you enough to check it out here. After the panel they chatted about how much they like voice acting and how much they liked working with each other. Their last question was one of the greatest questions I think I have ever heard in a panel. “If you could voice your characters differently, what accent would you choose?” The following are the answers we got:

  • Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne/Batman) – Scottish (but then Micheal R. claimed it sounded Jedish)
  • Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl) – Slightly Irish then changed to Cuban in honor of her parents.
  • George Newbern (Clark Kent/Superman) – Indian (Hindi) style accent.
  • Phil LaMarr (John Stewart/Green Lantern) – Caribbean, and yes it was rad.
  • Susan Eisenberg (Princess Diana/Wonder Woman) – 1920’s flapper
  • Michael Rosenbaum (Wally West/The Flash) = Harry Carry-ish.

The panel was amazing and I am so glad I got to experience it. I would suggest going to a panel for any one of those wonderful people and I was incredibly happy I was given the privilege to go see them all together.

Jon Heder

The final panel I was able to attend this year was Jon Heder. As you can expect most of the panel was about his debut film Napoleon Dynamite. He chatted with Garrett Wang about how the film was incredibly “crusty”, meaning it was very independent and low budget. One of the main scenes that took them a while was the scene where Rico hits Napoleon in the face with a steak. He said they had done it so many times that when the actor playing Rico threw the steak and hit him perfectly in the face, he had to try so hard not to laugh/cry and ruin the take. Jon also said his favorite scene was learning Rex Kwon Do. He menetioned that they had to cut the scene in a very specific way becasue he was having issues keeping a straight face. Jon was having a great time and wasn’t scared to mess with the audience. I really like that in a panel.

This year’s DCC was even better than last year. I know that gets said a lot but the panels were great and the stars were fantastic Every main event panel was worth going to. DCC has a great reputation for having awesome main event panels. If you are reading this after and attended the con let me know what else you liked! If you are reading this trying to figure out if the con is worth going to, yes it is. I hope everyone had a great ime this year. Finally, thank you to Pop Culture Classroom inviting AeitherNet back and putting on such a great show! See ya next year.


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