Boxed Culture: Your Saturday Holiday Shopper

So it is the time of year again where we spend crazy amount of money on other people for the holidays and I kinda figured it was time I made a shopping guide for you wonderful readers! I’m gonna go over three different people you may be buying for and what the best choice (in my opinion) for them would be.

They may look like they don't know what they are doing and it is because they don't!

They may look like they don’t know what they are doing and it is because they don’t!

Let’s start this game with the board game newbie. This person is the friend you wanna get into board gaming but they just need that little push. The person in the family that loved last year’s Ticket to Ride game, even after making fun of you for being a huge nerd and playing board games. Even the new significant other that you want so badly to enjoy your hobby! For this person you should pick something smooth and light. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival fits the bill here. This is a tile placement/set collection game with wonderful art and clear mechanics. Also it is Mensa Select Winner, which is always something awesome to tout at your relatives and friends. Lanterns plays well with 2-4 players and is not so long that people will get bored if they have a short attention span.

"Guys seriously don't leave. We are only 3 hours in!"

“Guys seriously don’t leave. We are only 3 hours in!”

The next individual I am gonna look at is the heavy gamer. This is the person who brings the 18XX game to your normal, 3 hour game night. This is the person who plays Eldritch Horror, solo. This is the person who is always willing to set up Axis and Allies, just on the small chance someone actually wants to play it. What do you get the person who likes to spend 2+ hours on one game! I am going to suggest Fief: France 1429. This game has it all! Political intrigue, military prowess, and title mongering. Each player controls a family trying to become the most powerful FIEFDOM IN FRANCE, MUWAHAHAHA…sorry I got a bit carried away. This game is deep and fun and very thematic, so your heavy gamer friends should love it.

"I think this is illegal but I also have more games to pack..."

“I think this is illegal but I also have more games to pack…”

Finally we have the ringleader gamer. This is the person who normally brings games to your board game night. This is the person you see with a trunk full of board games. This is the person who goes to every board game convention and sends you pictures of the new Warhammer 40k Conquest expansions and makes you jealous!  No, that did not happen to me…shut up. So what don’t you get for the person who has it all? My suggestion is picking them up a copy of the newly reprinted Mission Red Planet. This is a reprint of a grail game every collector wanted. It may not be the as good as getting a newly minted 2005 edition but the Fantasy Flight second edition is fantastic. The redux manages to maintain the feel of the old game while sprucing it up with wonderful new components. Also, it is just the right combination of stab-your-friend-in-the-back and resource management that it will be enjoy the vast majority of people.

I hope this helps all your holiday shopping out this year! Do not forget if you don’t feel like messing with the crowds on Black Friday you can always partake in Small Business Saturday. This is where local shops and business open up with sales after the Black Friday rush is over. Have a good holiday and I’ll see you next week!

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