Boxed Culture: Videos to Play By

Videos to Play By

This week I want to take a look at my favorite YouTube videos that are about board games. I am just going to dive right in, so here we go.

The first videos I like to follow are from The Dice Tower. They have so many videos they put together about board games that they have their own channel! The main videos are usually top 10 lists and game reviews. The also have weekly variety shows that span the gambit of the topics of our community. They are a great source of information about board games and they have wide coverage of lots of the new and old games that we all are interested in.

Next we have Watch It Played by Rodney Smith. These are some of the best videos to learn a game that I have ever seen. Well produced and edited, they cover the rules in a concise and understandable way. Now only does he have awesome instructional videos he also does play-throughs with web participation. He usually plays a round with his son and then asks the viewers to choose the next moves. It is a cool way to have audience engagement and I really enjoy it!

We will end this with one of my favorite board game walk-through teams Inside The Box. These are some of the most fun, informative and NSFW videos that are about board games. The crew knows they are only on YouTube and plays to its strengths. they like board games and are adults with child brains. They are absolutely fantastic but they are a bit mature and thus not suitable for most younger than 18.

These are the channels and videos that watch the most often but what other channels do you all like? Mention them in the comments! See ya next time!



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