Boxed Culture: Loving the Local

Frequently the discussion comes up in board gaming whether to buy from your friendly local game store (FLGS) or an online retailer. While online retailers tend to offer lower prices and a very good stock of games, FLGS’s are a place we gather with frto play and enjoy the games we get. So which do you prefer?

This is a bit to dramatic... right?

This is a bit to dramatic… right

Online retailers are a very good place to start building a collection. Lots of the places that sell games online have a large stock of games and I mean a LARGE stock of games. I have bought many games that are hard for my FLGS to get from CoolStuffInc. When I was rounding out my collection with older games like Castles of Burgundy, City of Horror, and Rex: The Last Days Of An Empire I used Amazon. It seems like I am fully advocating online retailers! However, like many people in our community, I am conflicted

Personally I am in a good spot because, as I have mentioned before, I work very closely with my FLGS and get some discounts. So take that as you will when I talk about my reasons for supporting your FLGS. On top of the awesomeness that comes with building a community of people to game with, it is also a good way to make new friends. I have a good group of people I trust and can talk to now. So, great, you all already knew that playing with people at a shop means you meet people but what does this have to do with buying from your local game store?

This may be okay at home but not so much at a business.

This may be okay at home but not so much at a business.

Good question! My FLGS doesn’t charge fees for playing at the tables or using their wifi so many people usually support the shop by buying snacks and drinks; however, that is not the way they stay open. They typically get a lot of money off Magic: The Gathering but I feel because I am playing games there, I can support the shop by buying games there. I am the kind of person who will spend money on my friends and family to support their endeavors. So, to me this seems logical. Pay for what you love. I love the people at my local shop so it is easy for me to support them.

How do you feel about this? Do you like the benefit of getting your games for cheap and playing at home? Do you play at a store but buy your games elsewhere? Or are you a person who buys and plays at their FLGS? Whatever way you choose to get you games is great as long as you keep playing them and making our culture awesome. See ya next week!


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