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 The Hyperlane Report


The new article released recently made me so excited about the new cards from Across the Galaxy I had to write about it. A few FFG articles ago, we were presented with a new mechanic: Mods. The first one we saw was the Triple Laser Turret:

A mod is used to add functionality to an existing support!

This was exciting as it is a great way to make support decks more interesting to play, as at that time the mod was to any vehicle. So you could play the laser turret with any vehicle, make it have two dice, and make your opponent use multiple removals to get rid of that supports die!

Recently we got a new article talking about all the Solo characters in Across the Galaxy, and there are some really cool new ways mods are being used. Today I want to talk about these new ways and some fun combos we can get with these new cards.

First and foremost, we have a new Millennium Falcon (any version of it) to play with! We also have the old owner as a playable character as well. With the new Lando, we can use a power action to play a vehicle for one resource less. If it happens to be the Falcon, then we get to search for the Escape craft and activate the whole new modified kit and caboodle. So with Lando’s power action, if we get the Falcon, we get to roll two dice! Seems fun! The Escape Pod itself is kind of meh, as it can only really mod the Falcon, but the combo is still something that makes me happy to build around and there are three Falcons it works with. Next, we get a very interesting new character that thematically may frustrate some haters of Solo (trolls be warned)…

Personally I love L3-37, but I know there are some people that don’t, but who cares about them because this card looks super fun to play. So for 11 points L3 can pair pretty well with other characters without being a burden and giving access to yellow cards. L3 can mod any vehicle, so whether it be the Ghost or maybe even a Red Villain vehicle, from pairing with Finn you get a bonus for L3 being defeated. If it does happen to be the Falcon, you get to ready it to activate again! Seems like a natural pairing for L3 would be Lando and the points work out. If your are wanting to mod military vehicles, perhaps going to the Droid revolution with K2 would be fun! Another Command character potentially that could be interesting could be Hera using her ability to cheat out vehicles and other cards to keep them out permanently, then tossing L3 on as a mod later. Plus with Hera you still have 7 points left to have fun with!

Mods seem like they could drastically change the game of Destiny, barring they are not to slow to play. If we do see some more mod cards, I hope we also get ways to make vehicles playable faster and possibly some ways to cheapen the mods themselves (perhaps an engineer character or support). What excites you about mods? Let us know in the comments. Time to jump…


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