Addicted to Cards: An Intro to my Addiction

Addicted to Cards

An Intro to my Addiction

Any avid readers of this blog will understand this new segment right away, but I will say it for the rest of you reading for the first time. I am addicted to card games. I have bought every card from every LCG Fantasy Flight Games has to offer. I have been playing Magic The Gathering since God knows when. I have been involved in card games in some way or another since I was very little (read: I played Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon). This has forced me to develop in such a way that I would say they are some of my favorite and most enjoyable games. From reviewing card games for my local game shop to playing and participating in tournaments. From building decks to opening booster packs. I love and am addicted to card games!

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While I don’t mean these kinds of cards, they are very much involved.

The main reason I wanted to write this intro is because I have tried iterations of card game segments over the past and it always seems like they kinda fall off the radar after a year or so. This combined with my new-is-better mentality makes maintaining a single spot for card game articles hard. We had The Hyperlane Report for Star Wars Destiny, and The Living Card Guy for all LCG’s, but these all just make it hard to focus on the thing I love (and am addicted to most); all card games. I have even tried to use Boxed Culture to try to write about new card games, but it just felt wrong. So I have decided to start writing all these articles under Addicted to Cards. We will still have those other card segments just under Addicted to Cards.

In the end, I hope to turn my addiction to buying and being invested in card games into a sweet new and more active segment. Keep an eye out for the first article in the coming weeks! Let me know if you care or have any thoughts in the comments. I need to go crack a pack, so I will be back later.


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