A Bard’s Eye View: Summer Slaughter 2016

Summer Slaughter 2016

So, I fully didn’t intend to see this show.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested but I had some reservations due to price (though with 12 bands the price was completely reasonable) and because the show began at 2pm while I was still at work.  I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine informed me that she had a spare ticket and that I could attend the show for free.

Unfortunately, I was too late see Krisiun and Revocation.  Krisiun I have seen a few times including on the ship last year and Revocation will be on the ship this year so it isn’t a huge loss.  Suffocation, Nile, and Cannibal Corpse are the bands I was interested in seeing.

Carnifex was playing when I arrived and I wasn’t terribly interested in them so I hung out outside with some friends.  Suffocation began and their set was pretty awesome.  I first heard Suffocation in 2003 and I was pretty impressed with their sound.  I never really explored their music too much but every time I heard them they were really good.  I couldn’t tell you which songs were the best because I don’t know the names of any of them.  They will also be on the cruise this coming year.

After the Burial was next.  I took a phone call outside because I wasn’t super stoked about their music but while eating pizza I did catch the tail end of their set.  Their guitarwork was really good and I dug their electronics.  They had a good stage presence and they honored their guitarist (who died last year) very respectfully.

Nile was next and they probably stole the show.  I am not super crazy familiar with them and their music took a little bit to grow on me but their technical prowess and speed is pretty unrivaled in the metal scene.  The drums and bass guitar were exceptional and the guitarwork was right there as well.

Cannibal Corpse always puts on a great performance.  Their bassist is very good and their music has this cadence to it that most death metal bands cannot dream to achieve.  They played a pretty long set all things considered and they definitely rocked the house.

It was an awesome show.  Next week I will be talking about the Ne Obliviscaris/Black Crown Initiate/Starkill show and the following week is the new Atmosphere album.

Stay tuned!


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