A Bard’s Eye View: Fallujah


Fallujah came by a while ago in support of the Black Dahlia Murder and promoting their new album, Dreamless, which was released the same day as the new Aesop Rock record.  I was unable to make that show, but on the way back to their home in San Francisco, they decided to do a one-off show in Colorado Springs.  Naturally, a few of my friends and I were absolutely stoked at the prospect so we made an impromptu road trip down south.

It was a bit of an adventure getting there (and returning as well).  Our arrival was threatened by the lack of an ATM anywhere, the large amounts of rainfall, and heavy traffic in some places.  Lucky for us, I’m a professional and we made it with plenty of time to spare.

There were some local bands that played first and I was less than enthused about them but Fallujah came on and played a (short but) amazing set.  The majority of their songs were from the new album.  “Abandon” and “The Void Alone”, my two favorites from them, were phenomenal.  One thing that was really cool is that the bass lines live are WAY more prominent live than on the albums.  I really enjoyed this because their bassist is really good and it was great to hear him as well as I did.  The song that stuck out the most as far as the bassline goes was “Ritual of Godflesh”.  Of course, the guitarists, drummer, and singer were also amazing.

This show was really exciting for me because my exposure to Fallujah had been fairly limited early on.  I pretty much heard them for the first time on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise ship in February.  That performance was *also* very good but this one was really intimate.  I think there were maybe 150 people in the venue and it was great chatting with one of the guys after the show.

Well, this MIGHT be the last concert update for a while, or who knows!  There could be much more coming!  We’ll see what comes next (clearly, I like to live dangerously).


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