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Roll The List #4: Kyle’s Take

Op-Ed Controversial Co-Op Movie Moment The Final Cut I feel the most controversial scene was the interaction between Fletcher (James Caviezel) and Hakman’s (Robin Williams) at the end of the movie. This scene truly epitomizes the controversy in the movie. It might seem pretty stereotypical that the antagonist and the […]

Roll the List #4, Dalton’s Take

Op-Ed Controversial Co-Op Movie Moment Antichrist This Roll the List has inevitably forced our hand into re-thinking how we roll the list…This topic is outrageous and, because of Kyle, my particular subject matter is disgusting to put it lightly. The Op-Ed topic requires us each to choose a subject based […]

Roll the List #3: Kyle’s Take

Head to Head Guilty Pleasure Horror Table-Top Game of the Yea Head to head is a new kind of list we created for the express purpose of interesting debate. This kind of list is less like a list and more like an uneducated mudslinging campaign. I will tell you why […]

Roll the List #3, Dalton’s Take

Head to Head Guilty Pleasure Horror TableTop Games of this Year Our first head-to-head matchup is…again…in my comrade’s area of expertise and I am…again…the visiting team. As such, I am at a bit of a disadvantage as far as knowledge. But, I merely turn that into an advantage, by being […]

Boxed Culture: Choosing Your Perfect Deckbuilder

I think the thing a lot of people over look when choosing a deck building game is who makes the game. This will basically tell you what kind of game you are looking for. DC, Ascension, LOtR, Street Fighter, are all made by Cryptozoic. They are pretty much know for […]