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SitSoC Episode 101: Human Trafficking, Cossacks and Ghost Riding

(sorry for more crunchy audio, folks.  I’m not sure how, but it’s definitely Kyle’s fault.) Ghost Riding: Cossak Stunt Riding:  

SitSoC Episode 100: The Clip Show!

We’ve pulled up some of our favorite clips and carefully edited them together with our commentary to reminisce on some of the fun times we’ve had for this last (almost) two years!

SitSoC Episode 99:Great American Beer Fest, Beer, Also Beer

Beer fest, beer, also beer and these (apologies for the sound issues part way through.  Weird wind noise got in.  Probably fajita day):

SitSoC Episode 98: Kendric hates more things

We focus on how Kendric hates movie trailers, but not video game trailers.  He also hates some parts of Magic: The Gathering, but only particular parts and one coworker.

SitSoC Episode 97: Selling is hard, but Audiobooks aren’t!

We talk about stupid, inane sales concepts, then we talk about audio books!

SitSoC Episode 96:Expensive Swords and More Expensive Magic Cards

Where we certainly don’t consider the possible ways of counterfeiting MTG cards.    We just have to beat this: Kendric struggled to remember Attribution!

SitSoC Episode 95: NerfCast, Star Wars Toys Have Only Gotten Cooler

Nerf guns are so damn awesome now:    

SitSoC Episode 94:We’re Talking About Blade Runner, Damn It!

But not, like, the new one.  Mostly the old one.  Also, we’re at a party so it’s a bit more distracted and drunk.  We also argue about what makes something Cyberpunk.  (Highlander 2 is not cyberpunk, btw).  What about Robocop?  Alien? Firefly?  We’ll definitively answer these questions and more!  Loudly!

SitSoC Episode 93: No, YOU’RE Overrated!

Where we beat up on Donnie Darko and have to shout over really loud dogs and a somewhat insistent child.  Also, we explore every articulation of the word “pants”.

SitSoC Episode 92: Vehemently Opposed to Selling

We don’t like selling things, but we totally sell things.  Then we argue about LARPing and games.  Also games.  Did we mention that we like games?