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SitSoC Episode 145: Low Key Scotland

Half asleep, we talk about a trip to Scotland and food.

SitSoC Episode 144: Offices Are Bad – Worse When Open

  Yes, open office plans are the worst

SitSoC Episode 143: Bakeries, Casa Bonita and BvS, oh my!

Rhinelander Bakery:  Go there, damn it. Also, regarding the review we mentioned:

SitSoC Episode 142: Enter, Band Name Game

More audio issues, folks.  I swear, we figure this out eventually.  In the mean time, we start the Band Name Game.  The list grows every day.  Today’s the first day we take a crack at it.  I’m not listing every single band, that’s Kevin’s job. For Kyle, who doesn’t know […]

SitSoC Episode 141: Super Explicit List

Sorry for the audio, folks.  AC on blast and badly positioned mic.  If you can’t stand it, we turn it down around 9 minutes in. The list in question, in case you think we’re making it up:

SitSoC Episode 140: Audio Issues and The Aquabats!

Go throw some dollars at ! WE ARE THE AQUABATS! Oh and enjoy our new, slightly shorter format for the next few months!

SitSoC Episode 139: Dogs, Rats, Glooms, Havens, More Rats

Where we start by talking about dogs, move on to rats and bugs, then Gloomhaven (which, weirdly, also includes rats).  It’s rambly.  You’ll like it. Like, Comment and Subscribe.  Eventually, you’ll get your fries.

SitSoC Episode 138: E3 2018

Quick listing overview of the E3 titles that were announced. Sorry about the sound on this one folks.  A few of these recordings got a little screwed up.  I blame the AC and, by extension, the sun.

SitSoC Episode 137: Food Or Deity!

Where we test our ability to guess at whether some random stuff that Kyle says is a Food or a Deity! Don’t be Cronus, don’t eat gods!

SitSoC Episode 136: Traffic Inspired Rage and Korean Food

More ramblings, less inspiration.  Korean food, traffic and a very distracting dental bus.