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S&E This Week In Horror: The Nazi German Zombie Occult Horror Genre

In honor of Overlord coming out this week, Sickle and Efrit try to figure out how the Nazi horror genre works. We also discuss horror tv shows and talk about The Satanic Temple Suing Netflix!

SitSoC Episode 152: Venom, Shootings, Harry Potter – Oh My!

Some times, you can make a reference that’s timely.  Other times, you maybe have a backlog and things get a bit late.  None of this is relevant, but welcome to last month!

Bearded Clansmen of the Vale: Episode 3 – No One Restricts a Clansmen!

Today the Bearded Clansmen of the Vale talk about the restricted list and how no man tells the people of the vale what they can play! We give our thoughts about why stuff is there and also our reactions.