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SitSoC Episode 127: Emotional Inertia

Did you know you can just make up pyschological theory?  Who can call you on your analogy when it’s all made up nonsense anyway?

SitSoC Episode 126: Hipster Tomb Raiding, Empowering Women Before It Was Cool.

We Are Totally Topical.  Always.  That’s why we’re still months behind.  Also, Best Band Name list: “Hipsters Fling Steel”

SitSoC Episode 125: List-ception

Where we read this list and are just…..astounded by it.  Also, we have a chart that describes all sandwiches. Top 10 Worst Lists On The Internet – Stupid Is An Understatement

SitSoC Episode 124: Black Panther Review

We finally got around to talking about Black Panther.  There are Black Panther Spoilers.  If anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

SitSoC Episode 123: Dresden, MYTH-inc, car-people

Another good rambly episode of nonsense.  Lots of idiots on the road, so enjoy that. Spoiler alert for Dresden Files: Ghost Story.

SitSoC Episode 122: Who Wants Dick Pics?

Steam Punk sub-genres: Re: Science:

SitSoC Episode 121: Yet Another Stupid Listicle

Probably the dumbest listicle we’ve covered yet.  Including that time we covered the dumbest listicles! Penis Count: 27

SitSoC Episode 120: What Is Skill? We Just Don’t Know

Where we talk about things like Dark Souls vs Monster Hunter and why skill doesn’t mean anything! Also, I just don’t edit things, really.  Stop asking me, Past Kendric.

SitSoC Episode 119: Rooms Escape Me

Where we gather up Cait and Amy and go out to an Escape Room.  Hear our review.  No spoilers.

SitSoC Episode 118: Foods That Hurt Us and also Racism

We’re both wrong, it’s Sweet Spicy Chili. Also: Pringles,  wtf: (referenced: ) Also, Kendric has issues with food service people in general.