Ryan Writes writes A Bard’s Eye View. Check out his inspiration and reason below:

“For many, music is a drug.  There are some gateway experiences that are typically administered by friends.   At least that’s how it was for me.  Growing up, I had heard the sounds of what is now called Classic Rock in the backseat of a blue car we had nicknamed the Smurfmobile.  Naturally, this had a lasting effect on me and much of that music remains in my playlist to this day.  I spent much of my younger years being more or less indifferent to music, it wasn’t until I was 14 that I started to really expand into new things.
I was initially resistant to the music that my friends introduced me to, but I found myself enjoying certain elements of the artists I was exposed to.  As it turns out, I found myself wanting more.  I found public radio very limited in scope and was disappointed at the lack of variety it presented.  It wasn’t until around 2002 that I finally had an opportunity to learn about other artists that I had never really heard of.  This was largely in part to being part of a chat room community dedicated to discussing some more “obscure” names while having access to hearing music instantly because of the internet.  I kept looking for harder, faster, more energetic bands; the familiar was no longer acceptable.
One of my greatest joys is to show people music they perhaps have not had the opportunity to come across on their own.  I like the reaction on their faces when they hear the things that surprised and impressed me as well.  It’s almost like experiencing it for the first time all over again.  This segment is my chance to share some amazing things with people on a mass scale.
I have no intention of slamming on music or presenting any scathing reviews.  I think music should be an enjoyable experience and I’m not looking to discourage anyone from experiencing something.  I really just want to express a passion that I feel very strongly for and present some avenues that some people may not have traveled down.
Primarily, I find myself more interested in the extreme metal scene, but I enjoy a variety of genres and will be exploring them as well.  I will be focusing on thematic comparisons, typically a list of albums, songs, or just bands that fit a particular niche that I’m interested in that week.  I go to a good amount of concerts and will be chronicling my experiences at those shows as well.  I’d also like to talk about new albums as they release while talking about the evolution of a band’s sound—I find that very intriguing.
I’m pretty excited to be involved in this, I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you.”

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