Joe Quick writes is an awesome dood who writes Retro-Viewer.


Retro-Viewer: A half remembered nostalgia trip by yours truly.

The idea behind this series of articles is to essentially utilize my Game Library (and other games I’ve played but don’t own) and review them based solely on the memories of what I experienced. I may try to utilize images corresponding to the Game itself, but I will only do minimal research to ensure that I am accurate to what was actually happening in the game (so I’m not just flat out making shit up).

The Games will be based in the “Retro” category, which will include titles from NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and PS1/2 consoles. Occasionally I may delve into the PC realm as well, but I was primarily console-based in my youth so I’ll probably stick to what I know best.

Articles will be 300 word minimum, submitted on a bi-weekly basis for the next 4 months (as a small test to ensure I’m hitting deadlines consistently.) I would like to continue longer, but only if I can actually meet the deadlines every other week.