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A Bard’s Eye View: Like a Boss

Like a Boss Music Appropriate for Video Game Bosses   I’ve been working on this crazy tabletop RPG with a super overreaching story arc. While coming up with ideas, I’ve been thinking about a lot of music that seems to set the tone for a good boss battle. These songs, […]

Graphic Reviews: In Real Life

In Real Life The vast majority of the graphic novels that I read tend to be adult in content but every so often, I find one geared towards teens that I have to share with everyone, regardless of age. This week, I’ll be talking about In Real Life, a one-shot […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Media Avatar, Expressor of Efficacy pt. 2 2

Digital Beard Stroking Media Avatar, Expressor of Efficacy pt 2. Today, I’ll be building on the concepts established in my last article, so check that out.  It’s not like Star Wars, though, it’s much better if you read them in order.  Or read the sequel first.  What am I, a […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Media Avatar, Expressor of Efficacy 5

Digital Beard Stroking Philosophy of Technology I’d like to provide another perspective on the importance of technology, gaming and nerd culture through a lens of philosophical constructs and psychological concepts, thus providing a juxtaposition of historical/academic context of the above mentioned topics against a humorous, accessible vernacular. Media Avatar, Expressor […]

Roll the List #37: Ryan’s Take 2

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to RPGs, I am a traditionalist.  I prefer my games to be in the JRPG style with the turn-based format.  While I do enjoy action-RPGs, I haven’t really gotten to experience the newer western-style RPGs […]

Roll the List #33: Kyle’s Take

Op-Ed Cult RTS/Strategy Video Game: Civilization Revolution Sorry for the delay on this week on Roll the List, it is shaping up to be a busy month! This week we are writing about our favorite cult strategy video games. I had a lot of trouble choosing games for this genre, as […]