SitSoC Episode 124: Black Panther Review

We finally got around to talking about Black Panther.  There are Black Panther Spoilers.  If anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

SitSoC Episode 117: The Podcast Episode

The song Kyle keeps referencing: The breakfast burritos were delicious, by the way.  Technical difficulties notwithstanding. Referenced Game Reviewer Thing: Go check out

SitSoC Episode 111: Cryptocurrency, Points of View and Canon

Check out our soundboard:

SitSoC Episode 92: Vehemently Opposed to Selling

We don’t like selling things, but we totally sell things.  Then we argue about LARPing and games.  Also games.  Did we mention that we like games?

SitSoC Episode 90: Is Gaming A Sport? yes.

In this (slightly) shorter episode, we ramble across the notion of what defines a sport.  I mean, hell, if they let Ping Pong into the Olympics, all bets are off, no?

SitSoC Episode 88: Is it behind the scenes if we don’t have scenery?

Turns out, there’s a Cake song that Kendric doesn’t hate!  Also, we talk about some stuff!  And share our method!  Also we call out Dalton’s amazing art! Let us know if you want to be on the podcast, we’ll work out the details! And checkout Dalton’s article:  

SitSoC Episode 87: Football in 17776, weird stuff in the world and a general sense of dread

Where we describe and analyze the (at the time) incomplete Football in 17776.(Thanks Boom!)  It has since concluded and you can go ahead and see all of it there. (Apologies for the sound quality, there were some weird sound anomalies that were annoying)  Check out Boom’s blog here:, also her book: […]

SitSoC Episode 85: Can you disagree without providing an Alternative? Yes.

We get way too deep into consent.  And Liability.  And Logic. Referenced picture:

SitSoC Episode 84: Don’t get animal fur under your contact lens

  Referenced Magic Cards:  

SitSoC Episode 83:Kendric’s YouTube Subscription List!

I’m not tagging every single youtube channel that’s listed, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Sorry for the rain.  Also, I know that I said “buster sword” when we all know I meant “gunblade”.  Feel free to dump righteous fury below.  Also, I realize that Ruger doesn’t make any J-frames. […]