Ready Player One

SitSoC Episode 131: We Look At Butts Here

Some info on where to go in London.  Also butts.  Also hot sauce.  We didn’t even try to stay on a track here…

SitSoC Episode 130: Ready, Gamergate, Fake it!

This one was another fantastic ramble-athon.  Hard to tag.  Harder to follow.  I’d be sorry but I’m just not. Don’t forget to smile!

SitSoC Episode 126: Hipster Tomb Raiding, Empowering Women Before It Was Cool.

We Are Totally Topical.  Always.  That’s why we’re still months behind.  Also, Best Band Name list: “Hipsters Fling Steel”

SitSoC Episode 115: Blanket Consequences

Spoiler Alert: Ready Player One Referenced (and it was from 1490 – 1510):

SitSoC Episode 110: How Much Is Too Much Fan Service?

Where we talk about Ready Player One and discuss whether you can have too much of a good thing in terms of references or tropes.  Turns out, you can!  There, now you don’t have to listen to the podcast! ….. Please listen anyway, though.  Also, the confusing book referenced is […]