SitSoC Episode 105: The Ethically Moral Return of E-Venting!

We’d be relevant if we didn’t record these way in advance!  Also, I’m about 78% sure that we don’t know what Morals and Ethics are.

SitSoC Episode 49:Neckbeards are like Porn

Seriously, you should NOT take our legal advice.  Or moral advice.  Or any advice, really.

Digital Beard Stroking: A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

In honor of the cresting political season, I figured I’d write an article focusing on Villains.  (Spoiler alert for the following things:Breaking Bad, Trigun, Jessica Jones, Final Fantasy VI.  If you’ve not experienced all these yet, we should probably hang out so you can catch up on some awesome TV/Video […]

SitSoC Episode 18: Gatekeepers and Exclusion

What happens when fandoms go wrong…

Digital Beard Stroking: Alien Worlds 2 – Xenomorality, Relativism on a Planetary Scale

Xenomorality, Relativism on a Planetary Scale Alien Worlds – Alternate Dimensions: A series of brief what-ifs meant to hold up a mirror against our own experiences and expectations by exploring alternatives built on different assumptions and presuppositions. While there is a tremendous debate about Moral Relativism, I don’t have quite […]

SitSoC Episode 8: Aligning Your Personality Sacks

Alignment, Sacks and Personality Tests, oh my! (and yes, we crammed some Jedi stuff in there.)

SitSoC Episode 2: Hitler, Hedonism, and the Heart

In which we talk about Relationships, Hedonism and a bunch of other stuff!