listicles are stupid

SitSoC Episode 141: Super Explicit List

Sorry for the audio, folks.  AC on blast and badly positioned mic.  If you can’t stand it, we turn it down around 9 minutes in. The list in question, in case you think we’re making it up:

SitSoC Episode 125: List-ception

Where we read this list and are just…..astounded by it.  Also, we have a chart that describes all sandwiches. Top 10 Worst Lists On The Internet – Stupid Is An Understatement

SitSoC Episode 77: You can’t spell Listicle with “ic”

Where we read a fairly stupid “psychology” listicle and point out how dumb it is.  Kendric’s claim that he already knew half is almost immediately disproved.  Also, “Psychology” is SUPER sexist.   Send us your stupid lists to read!