The LCG: The Imperial War Machine

The Imperial War Machine Ever since I started playing Star Wars LCG, which to be honest was only a year ago, one deck has dominated the Dark Side, Imperial Navy Capital Ships. The Imperial Entanglements Expansion really brought that faction some great tools and it easily became a dominant deck. […]

The Hyperlane Report: My Obsession with Rebel Trooper

My Obsession with Rebel Trooper For the last few articles I seem to really be enamored with feature images of Rebel Troopers. They seem to be as close to expendable in the movie as Stormtroopers, so we see lots of them. In that same light I guess that is kind […]

The LCG: A Gift from the Wall 1

A Gift from the Wall Recently a deck called The Builders has come out in AGOT LCG.  It topically seems degenerate, but in reality it is just a strong counter to a traditionally stagnant meta. Some people claim it is a NPE (negative player experience) deck, but perhaps that is […]

The Hyperlane Report: The Tools of the Trade

The Tools of the Trade Star Wars Destiny, like many other card games, allows players to have certain sets of cards that will go in most decks of a certain affiliation, color, and type. In previous LCG’s I have played, those sets of cards were called suites. In Android: Netrunner […]

The Hyperlane Report: Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes There are a lot of characters in Star Wars Destiny, but we don’t always get to see all of them when reading about the game online, watching tournament videos, or even playing in events ourselves. One of the best things about this game is that even with such […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con Day 3 – The Cool Down

Denver Comic Con Day 3 The Cool Down The last day of con can be a very hectic experince for some people. Trying to grab last minute deals on expo floor, snagging the last pictures of great cosplay, and catching up on panels they may have missed because there is […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 2 – The Main Events!

Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 2 The Main Events! Today was amazing. I was able to cycle through three aweosme main event panels. This was all I focused on today. If you want to see what else happend at the rest of the convention today check out our other DCC […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 – A Long Time Since it Has Been this Weird

Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 A Long Time Since it Has Been this Weird This year’s Denver Comic Con (DCC) is aready off to a great start. Oh you haven’t heard of DCC? Well for the last few years Pop Culture Classroom has been putting on a great event called […]

The Living Card Guy: Warring with a Sister

Warring with a Sister Welcome, one and all to our final article covering the Defenders of the Faith deluxe expansion from Team Apoka. Today we have the biggest spoiler of all. I won’t bore you with some long intro about what Faith is and how it can be used to […]

The Hyperlane Report: Up in the Stars

Up in the Stars Last week we got some new info about the next Destiny expansion, Empire at War, releasing sometime later this year. In the FFG article, we got some spoilers in addition to Sabine Wren, that was previously shown at Star Wars Celebration. Today, I am going to go through […]