SitSoC Episode 78: DCC Boozification Begin With The Nation

Come to DCC!  We’ll be there! We definitely don’t have a box of sex toys! I think this is what we were talking about

Graphic Reviews: Sexcastle

Sexcastle As I’ve mentioned previously in my review of Tomboy, I’ve never been in the “traditional girly” camp. When other girls my age were talking about fashion, make-up and crafting, I wanted to go play around with archery, sword fighting and adventuring. I’ve learned to get over my dislike of […]

SitSoC Episode 42: Kick-non-starter

Where we get way way way way ahead of ourselves and plan a kickstarter….kinda. We got stickers!* *We absolutely do not have stickers.

Boxed Culture: Designer Focus – Ryan Laukat

Designer Focus Ryan Laukat When it comes to designing games there are lots of people who immediately spring to mind. From Bruno Cathala to Ignacy Trzewiczek, many designers are beginning to be common names. On top of which, some of these designers even run their own companies! But none of […]

Con Talk: Denver ComicCon 2016 Day 3 – Cait

Denver ComicCon 2016 Day 3 Cait For my final day of my very first Denver Comic Con, I managed to catch two very educational panels that helped me to learn a lot about graphic novels. While I’ve been reviewing them for over a year now in my segment Graphic Reviews, […]

Con Talk: Denver ComicCon 2016 Day 2 – Kyle

Denver ComicCon 2016 Day 2 Kyle Today was a day of boardgames for me! I stayed in the 700 hall most of the day hanging out with gamers, my people. 🙂 I started off the day in a panel about indie gaming with the folks from Chicago comedy troupe the Nerdologues. […]

Boxed Culture: Expansion Madness!!

Expansion Madness!! A few weeks ago a new expansion came out for Elder Sign called Omens of Ice. For those not in the know, Elder Sign is a Lovecraftian themed, dice-rolling, cooperative game.  This expansion is similar to the last one in that it replaces the museum cards from the […]

Boxed Culture: Gamefest 2016 1

Every year I volunteer for an event called Starfest. I work Hospitality, which is a fancy way of saying”we check wristbands.” The best part for me is when I get stationed to check wristbands in front of the Gamefest room. Gamefest is my favorite part of Starfest. It is all […]

Boxed Culture: The Fulfillment-en-ing

Kickstarter is a very strange beast. People use it to help fund passions they have. Companies use it as a medium to measure demand for potentially risky endeavors. Some organizations even use it to promise the future and most of them even follow through! About a year ago I got […]

Boxed Culture: Way Too Mini

A while back one of my best board gaming buddies moved to South Korea. I was very sad to see him go because he was the one who would learn the most random obscure games with me. He was also the one who was my gaming companion since I started gaming […]