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SitSoC Episode 145: Low Key Scotland

Half asleep, we talk about a trip to Scotland and food.

SitSoC Episode 134: Finally Infinity War

We finally got around to our Infinity War Review, so watch out for Spoilers (I didn’t move this one up sooner because you have no excuse for not seeing Infinity War yet).

SitSoC Episode 132: Complicit!

Come try our new soda: Not So Goddamn Sweet Soda! Go check out http://rockymountaingeektank.com/ And please let us know, we’ll hawk your products!  We are shameless shills!

SitSoC Episode 130: Ready, Gamergate, Fake it!

This one was another fantastic ramble-athon.  Hard to tag.  Harder to follow.  I’d be sorry but I’m just not. Don’t forget to smile!

SitSoC Episode 127: Emotional Inertia

Did you know you can just make up pyschological theory?  Who can call you on your analogy when it’s all made up nonsense anyway?

SitSoC Episode 126: Hipster Tomb Raiding, Empowering Women Before It Was Cool.

We Are Totally Topical.  Always.  That’s why we’re still months behind.  Also, Best Band Name list: “Hipsters Fling Steel”

SitSoC Episode 117: The Podcast Episode

The song Kyle keeps referencing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2dJxFIV28Y The breakfast burritos were delicious, by the way.  Technical difficulties notwithstanding. Referenced Game Reviewer Thing: http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/347103-cuphead-reignites-game-journalists-good-games-debate#/slide/1 Go check out https://www.collectormaniaparker.com/

SitSoC Episode 113: The Dreamcast

Where we have some crazy dreams, some crazy experiences and we talk about it, despite it making practically no sense.

SitSoC Episode 106: Tea!

Health advice from these jerks!  Also, the referenced ridiculous costumes:

SitSoC Episode 105: The Ethically Moral Return of E-Venting!

We’d be relevant if we didn’t record these way in advance!  Also, I’m about 78% sure that we don’t know what Morals and Ethics are.