Hi Kevin

SitSoC Episode 149: Band Name Game part 2

Where we put a serious dent in the Band Name list.  Also, Joe is still here. Quicks Play!  

SitSoC Episode 129: The French Inch

Let’s try this again: Someone Just Pointed Out How Messed Up New Orleans Map Is And Now We Can’t Unsee It

SitSoC Episode 103: Amy Scholandra Reams replaces Kyle Judas Hagan

Hi Check out Kyle and Dalton’s thing! https://www.sickleandefrit.com/   And seriously, just go check out the effervescent and diet-friendly Hiball

SitSoC Episode 101: Human Trafficking, Cossacks and Ghost Riding

(sorry for more crunchy audio, folks.  I’m not sure how, but it’s definitely Kyle’s fault.) Ghost Riding: Cossak Stunt Riding:  

SitSoC Episode 94:We’re Talking About Blade Runner, Damn It!

But not, like, the new one.  Mostly the old one.  Also, we’re at a party so it’s a bit more distracted and drunk.  We also argue about what makes something Cyberpunk.  (Highlander 2 is not cyberpunk, btw).  What about Robocop?  Alien? Firefly?  We’ll definitively answer these questions and more!  Loudly!

SitSoC Episode 93: No, YOU’RE Overrated!

Where we beat up on Donnie Darko and have to shout over really loud dogs and a somewhat insistent child.  Also, we explore every articulation of the word “pants”.

SitSoC Episode 91: What Even IS Moving?

Check out Kyle’s friend: http://www.gravenearthrecords.com/.  Also, hackable DNA and possibly scurvy. and check out Dalton: http://aeither.net/category/the-scoop/

SitSoC Episode 50:Post Apocalyptiriffic!

Since the world ended, we figured we would cover some different apocalyptic scenarios. It keeps us sane in this wasteland of 50 Episodes!

SitSoC Episode 28:Civil War, The BvS We Deserved

A discussion about Captain America Civil War!