The Living Card Guy: The Apex of Competition

The Apex of Competition Welcome back everyone. I would like to start off by saying once again that the FFG World Championships is awesome and everyone should do it once in their life if they love living card games! This article is going to review my experience playing Apex in […]

The Living Card Guy: Fantasy Flight Games World Championship 2016 Wrap-Up

FFG World Championship 2016 Wrap-Up I have been playing LCG’s for about two years now and I made the decision earlier this year to go to The International World Championship hosted by Fantasy Flight Games at their Game Center in Roseville, MN. This was the first time I have gone to […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Dalliances to Obsession, the continuum of pastimes

Dalliances to Obsession, the continuum of pastimes Dalliances, hobbies, obsessions and passion.  Which are you following now? We all have interest in our lives in varying degrees.  There’s things we’re somewhat interested in, where we maintain a passing familiarity.  There’s things we’re keen on, where we go out of our […]