Graphic Reviews: The House That Batman Built

The House That Batman Built: Comics for Lego Batman Fans Over the long weekend, I got the chance to go see Lego Batman, a spin-off of the recent Lego movie featuring one of everyone’s favorite characters. I was a little concerned that it would be too childish or just a blatant […]

Graphic Reviews: Gotham City Sirens 1   Recently updated !

Gotham City Sirens Hope everyone isn’t tired of Batman because here at Graphic Reviews, it’s all Gotham! While I don’t generally like going to heavy in on any one topic since there’s so many to choose from, the release of one of my favorite Batman comics (The Killing Joke), followed […]

Graphic Reviews: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke An astute (i.e. has read more than one of my reviews and isn’t brain dead) may have noticed that my favorite superhero is Batman. I have mentioned this a few times in previous reviews. I grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series and first fell in love […]

Graphic Reviews: DCC Showcase – Tim Sale & Batman: The Long Halloween

Tim Sale & Batman: The Long Halloween While I often label the television show Batman: The Animated Series as the start of my love affair for the Dark Knight, the truth is that as a kid, I never read Batman comics. While I picked up the occasional Spiderman or Deadpool […]

Graphic Reviews: Superman Red Son

I have long been a fan of superheroes but I have always found that one in particular has never been my cup of tea: Superman. While I will gleefully read stories that have me diving into Gotham with Batman, going on mythic adventures with Wonder Woman or planet hopping with […]

Graphic Reviews: The Doom That Came to Gotham 1

One of my favorite DC publications is its Elseworlds line. Elseworlds are one-shot stories that essentially create an alternate universe whose connection to DC canon is often just that they feature iconic heroes like Batman and Superman. Many are self-contained universes of their own. Some of the best stories in the DC universe […]

Graphic Reviews: Batman: Knightfall

In honor of the release of Rocksteady’s final installment of the incredible Batman: Arkham videogame series, this week I will be reviewing Batman: Knightfall. Knightfall is a huge Batman arc written by Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench and illustrated by Alan Grant, Jim Aparo and others. If you’ve ever seen […]

Clayface played a metaphor for various psycho-sexual conditions.

Roll the List #21: Dalton’s Take

[Dalton]’s Top Whaaat?!? Comic Firstly, I will start this RTL with my concept of what exactly a whaaat?!? comic is. A whaaat?!? comic should be against the conventional means of comic book cliches and regularities. It should contain some form of shock value, whether that be via plot, climactic conclusion, […]