artificial happiness

Artificial Happiness

In this episode we find a new path, level up and use the mighty drake sword to slay the Black Knight… still rather ineptly though.

Artificial Happiness the redarkining

We’re back! So here is some of the footage I was able to recover, we did skip ahead a bunch. In today’s episode we go hunting for the cheater swor… I mean Drake Sword. Also there is a higher level of production value so please let us know what you […]

Artifical Happiness: Technical Difficulties

Howdy Folks, I am sorry to say that I have run into some technical difficulties, and Will have to go on hiatus until A) We fix the game capture or the computer used to stop corrupting the files, B have time to suss out why its doing the above corrupting, […]

Artificial Happiness: Blazing Dragons EP 2

Arron Mucks about a bit, gets some hair, magic beans, and even meets that lady of the lake… Well sorta. Enjoy!  

SitSoC Episode 26: Juxtaposition

Some of the things we reference: First baby drop-off box for unwanted newborns installed in Indiana xkcd: Words that end in GRY  

Artificial Happiness: Blazing Dragons EP1

Due to Technical difficulties, and the fact that this game is awesome, we have jumped tracks and will be exploring a fantastic point and click adventure. Dark souls will return, but in the meantime enjoy Blazing Dragons. Also thanks Heather!  

Artificial Happiness: Dark Souls Ep

More fun with boars, and despite his history with rats and being a fan of Skaven Aaron dies to some rats.

Artificial Happiness: Dark Souls Ep 6

That’s not a game… Kyle’s adventure continues, This time off a staircase, and then through the Taurus Deamon, Yay!

Artificial Happiness: Dark Souls Ep. 5

Kyle’s first try at playing Aaron’s First try at heckling.