Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 76:How to build out an office

“Building out an office costs a F***ing fortune.”  – Kendric Yet another misleading title, fyi.  In reality, we learn how Kyle is able to power through awful movies and enforce coherence on them when it doesn’t belong.  

SitSoC Episode 75: The Changing Industry of Games

Is a community a commodity to be purchased?  Yes.  Does Amazon have it?  Not yet.  Should you invest in our new business idea?  Honestly, I don’t think I can recommend it. Also, check out our friends at Black Gold

SitSoC Episode 74:Why do we buy games?

We look at something of a reasoning as to why we buy games.  Also, guys, don’t take gamer tags.  It’s not cool.

SitSoC Episode 73: How not to make money on the Internet

We totally know how to monetize stuff on the Internet.  Now, we’re not doing here because of, um, the nobility of this podcast.  If we wanted to make money off it, we totally could.  Stop doubting us!  Spoiler alert on Rick and Morty Season 3 intro.

SitSoC Episode 72: How not to get hired

Here’s a handy primer on how not to get hired by two guys too young to be legitimately bitter about the hiring process, but won’t let that stop them!

SitSoC Episode 71: Ghost washing. Shell washing? I dunno anymore

Where we review the new Ghost in the Shell movie and only make about four hundred factually inaccurate statements!  Also Spoilers! Also, Cait and Aaron join us!  Go watch the movie! Ignore the message of this movie and buy stuff, plz:

SitSoC Episode 70: Zelda scrolls

Turns out, our observation about Syria was probably relevant… Also, lots of Zelda and video game jabbering.   SHOP!:

SitSoC Episode 69: Dresdenesque Adaptations and Hate.

I hate when characteristics of a person I hate appear in another person. Dresden Files Spoiler Alert.  For book…uh…5, I guess?  maybe 6?  I dunno, go read them. The aforementioned store:

SitSoC Episode 68: We’re virtually real. Or really virtual. Or augmented.

Virtual reality is pretty rad.  Well, it would be, if anyone could afford it or figure it out.  Check it out, I have no idea if it’s any good. Check out how accelerometers work: (Thanks, Egoraptor…) Also, did you know we have a store?

SitSoC Episode 67:The Rick and Morty Episode

Where we talk about Rick and Morty and probably spoil some of it, if you care, which you don’t, cause you’ve all seen it, right? Referenced video…. I think Also, check out our store: