Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 85: Can you disagree without providing an Alternative? Yes.

We get way too deep into consent.  And Liability.  And Logic. Referenced picture:

SitSoC Episode 84: Don’t get animal fur under your contact lens

  Referenced Magic Cards:  

SitSoC Episode 83:Kendric’s YouTube Subscription List!

I’m not tagging every single youtube channel that’s listed, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Sorry for the rain.  Also, I know that I said “buster sword” when we all know I meant “gunblade”.  Feel free to dump righteous fury below.  Also, I realize that Ruger doesn’t make any J-frames. […]

SitSoC Episode 82: Live at DCC2017 a week later!

SINGING TESLA COILS THOUGH!: Referenced hand motion:    Used sound effect:

SitSoC Episode 81:Teleportation Rules! Or sucks! It depends!

Where we get WAAAAY too deep into why teleportation is filled with issues.  This guy gets it: Referenced video: Also referenced:

SitSoC Episode 80: Consensual Metal Hitting

Where Kendric unpreparedly relates almost-accurate commentary on HEMA.  Please feel free to point out where he’s wrong with cited arguments and he’ll read out your comments on the next podcast, as well as fix his opinions. Referenced image: Go buy the book for more weirdness:

SitSoC Episode 79: The Sorta Lost Episode

Folks, we had some technical difficulties here and we ended up only recording 15 minutes of audio.  However, It was still amusing to me, so I figured I’d post it anyway.

SitSoC Episode 78: DCC Boozification Begin With The Nation

Come to DCC!  We’ll be there! We definitely don’t have a box of sex toys! I think this is what we were talking about

SitSoC Episode 77: You can’t spell Listicle with “ic”

Where we read a fairly stupid “psychology” listicle and point out how dumb it is.  Kendric’s claim that he already knew half is almost immediately disproved.  Also, “Psychology” is SUPER sexist.   Send us your stupid lists to read!

SitSoC Episode 76:How to build out an office

“Building out an office costs a F***ing fortune.”  – Kendric Yet another misleading title, fyi.  In reality, we learn how Kyle is able to power through awful movies and enforce coherence on them when it doesn’t belong.