Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 140: Audio Issues and The Aquabats!

Go throw some dollars at ! WE ARE THE AQUABATS! Oh and enjoy our new, slightly shorter format for the next few months!

SitSoC Episode 139: Dogs, Rats, Glooms, Havens, More Rats

Where we start by talking about dogs, move on to rats and bugs, then Gloomhaven (which, weirdly, also includes rats).  It’s rambly.  You’ll like it. Like, Comment and Subscribe.  Eventually, you’ll get your fries.

SitSoC Episode 138: E3 2018

Quick listing overview of the E3 titles that were announced. Sorry about the sound on this one folks.  A few of these recordings got a little screwed up.  I blame the AC and, by extension, the sun.

SitSoC Episode 137: Food Or Deity!

Where we test our ability to guess at whether some random stuff that Kyle says is a Food or a Deity! Don’t be Cronus, don’t eat gods!

SitSoC Episode 136: Traffic Inspired Rage and Korean Food

More ramblings, less inspiration.  Korean food, traffic and a very distracting dental bus.

SitSoC Episode 135:Bull Facts

Where we delve into some weird “laws” and “made up laws” and “facts”.  

SitSoC Episode 134: Finally Infinity War

We finally got around to our Infinity War Review, so watch out for Spoilers (I didn’t move this one up sooner because you have no excuse for not seeing Infinity War yet).

SitSoC Episode 133: Improvisation Masters

Music lifted from .  I don’t even know who they are or how to attribute them, but there you go.

SitSoC Episode 132: Complicit!

Come try our new soda: Not So Goddamn Sweet Soda! Go check out And please let us know, we’ll hawk your products!  We are shameless shills!

SitSoC Episode 131: We Look At Butts Here

Some info on where to go in London.  Also butts.  Also hot sauce.  We didn’t even try to stay on a track here…