Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 115: Blanket Consequences

Spoiler Alert: Ready Player One Referenced (and it was from 1490 – 1510):

SitSoC Episode 114: Raging Extended Canon

Where we ramble around and never quite answer what constitutes Canon and Extended Canon, but hey, it’s fun and we’re all having fun, right?

SitSoC Episode 113: The Dreamcast

Where we have some crazy dreams, some crazy experiences and we talk about it, despite it making practically no sense.

SitSoC Episode 112: Whose Immortal?

Kendric references The Oatmeal: “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway” is the name of the protagonist of “My Immortal” Kendric doesn’t remember things exactly right but here’s the hierarchy:

SitSoC Episode 111: Cryptocurrency, Points of View and Canon

Check out our soundboard:

SitSoC Episode 110: How Much Is Too Much Fan Service?

Where we talk about Ready Player One and discuss whether you can have too much of a good thing in terms of references or tropes.  Turns out, you can!  There, now you don’t have to listen to the podcast! ….. Please listen anyway, though.  Also, the confusing book referenced is […]

SitSoC Episode 109: The Vegas One

Where Kendric doesn’t shut up about Las Vegas and how he likes to vacation.

SitSoC Episode 107: Kyle Eats a Bagel

Ramble, Haunted Houses, Ramble, Reminder that we record on weird days, Ramble Ramble.   I couldn’t find the link to the Haunted House list, so you’re on your own for that.  Good luck.

SitSoC Episode 106: Tea!

Health advice from these jerks!  Also, the referenced ridiculous costumes: