The Hyperlane Report: Unlimited Blanks!

Unlimited Blanks! Destiny is a great game where people throw around dice and get excited when they get what they want, but there is a dark side to this: not getting what you want. More specifically, blank sides. Blank sides are usually the most disappointing thing you can roll, and without […]

The Hyperlane Report: Removing a Threat

The Hyperlane Report Hello Everyone! Kyle H. here and I am bringing you a new article today. The Hyperlane Report! It is a segment specifically devoted to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Destiny. If you have never heard of Star Wars Destiny before please take a look here and then come […]

RetroViewer: Final Fantasy for the Sixth Time Part 1

Final Fantasy for the Sixth Time Part 1 Ooohhhh my friends. My dear friends, welcome to this episode of RetroViewer. I’m back into the SNES after my brief interlude with 64, and this time I’m looking at arguably the greatest RPG series ever created. We’re back in Squaresoft’s world today […]